This is genius!


Welcome, brawny reader to the first chapter of The Mighty Gorebrah’s Mighty Dinner Party! When he’s not Barbarianing around the place, Gorebrah loves to cook tasty dishes for his friends and enemies alike (the enemies find it a bit odd at first, but a free meal’s a free meal).

Click and open each page in a new window to see it at its full, hefty glory. More adventures with Gorebrah soon!



Iron Man, Iron Patriot and The Mandarin from a recent set of “Phase 2” prints I did with the Invincible John-Paul Bove on colours. More coming soon.

One of my best pals and my husband worked on some awesome Marvel prints for this year’s con!



So it was crocodile-chocolate birthday the other week and me being me ended up booking a comic convention on top of it, although a little later than it should have been this is my little picture that I made for him.

 Now I know that Ponyo isn’t everybody’s favourite ghibli film but it has a solid place in my heart, it was the first one that Me and Rob saw at the cinema, and this scene was the best!

The image itself is lots of layered card coloured with spray paint, watercolours and roughly about a weeks worth of work (off and on that is)

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